Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two months old

Little Miss Lola at two months old:

Loves her Mommy.
Doesn't love to be set down.
Smiles and shows off her adorable dimples. {My aunt called them Dana dimples, and obviously made me cry.}
Despises her car seat. And the stroller. You want to hear her scream? Just put her in the car seat.
Has a hard time taking a bottle. Perfectly fine 98% of the time. Not so great the other two.
Is still an inconsistent sleeper. Up once a night some nights, up three times the next.
Loves her brother and sister. Now that they've realized if they don't get right up in her face she can actually see them, they love to make her smile.
Coos and coos and coos. She might have gotten the talking gene like her Mom and sister. I can already tell how many times she's going to get in trouble for talking in class...not that I EVER did that.
Loves to 'stand'. No more cuddling up and sitting, it's all about the stand.
Due to the said stand, also has started pushing herself backwards on the floor by arching her back and straightening her legs.
Loves to be sung to.
Adores baths, but not the cold lake water.

Has her Mom and Dad smitten over their little babe.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

six weeks

How is our little lady six weeks old?
How is my maternity leave almost half over?
How have I not even yet ordered newborn pictures or sent birth announcements?

Six weeks old.

Friday, June 1, 2012

daddy's girl

I found this picture today, and until I saw it I had forgotten I had taken it.

While in the hospital, Brad insisted I try to nap.
After I dozed in and out a bit, I heard him whispering... whispering to his little newborn lady.
Without him knowing, I snapped this quickly with my phone.

I hope someday when she's a grown up gal, she knows that her Daddy loved her from the start.

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