Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We always knew she was the princess...

Monday night I took a trip to Hector for Kasey's coronation. All of my sisters (well...some more than others) love to have any fun excuse to get dressed up, and what better reason?

Didn't she look gorgeous??

Well - we always knew Kas was the princess, but who knew she would be QUEEN!? YAY!

Here's one of all of us. To quote Jess "Fourth time's a charm!"

And on an end-note, I always need to try and steal the spotlight a bit! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

(Not So) Baby Beckers

Saturday was our nephew Beckett's First Birthday Party. Since he is almost exactly a year younger than Jack, when we talk about him, we always refer to him as Baby Beckers. Brad and I were talking when getting ready for the party, amazed that he is already a year old. When he's a year old I guess he maybe shouldn't be Baby anymore, huh??

Isn't he so cute?

Jack was having a long day, but I managed to get this really cute one of him. He had been practicing singing Happy Birthday to Beckett for weeks!

My sister Jess just happens to make the cutest decorations for parties I have ever seen...here she is with Beckett with his monkey decor. (Seriously, even Beckett's monekey had a birthday hat!) Props to you, Jess - adorable as always!!

I of course couldn't resist wrapping a matching gift for him...

Happy Birthday, Baby Beckers...we love you so much!

Dancing Queens...and Kings

Friday night Brad and I went to the Twins game with my high school friends: Zach and his wife Beth, and Bryan. game didn't turn out the way we had hoped, but we spent the rest of the night downtown anyway.

A few drinks and a live band turned into a full two hours on the dance floor...and our feet were definitely feeling it the next day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Blog Bandwagon...

So - here we are...finally joining the age of blogs. After being bugged (you may be left unnamed...) for far too long to start a blog, we've finally decided to do so. :)

First of all - I know, what a boring first post, right?? Well - I wanted to at least get it finally started, and let you all know where to find us. Thank GOD Brad used to write code (HTML is like Japanese to me) or this may never have gotten up in the first place! Of course, Jess, my new blog queen, helped the both of us!

Check back often - you know we'll keep it updated as much as we can!

Rachel, Brad, and Jacks
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