Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Anniversary

Wednesday Brad and I celebrated our anniversary - and although we weren't going to get each other anything, I woke up to these gorgeous flowers (the picture does NOT do them justice) and a big breakfast.

Brad lined up a sitter and we had a great dinner together, and a trip to Target sans Jacks. It was so much fun to have a couple of hours all to ourselves. Thanks for the fun night, B!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Say it's Your Birthday

Tomorrow is a big birthday for two of the most important people in my life....

Jess is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow...and I can hardly believe it.

Here we are on her first day of school....

And in Mexico last year...
Jess doesn't make a big deal about her birthday, and if anyone deserves a special day, it's her...she's the best thing I could ask for, really.  She helps me through everything and lately she's been so busy I've finally for the first time been able to finally be her crutch instead!  What a change - but I love it.
The reason she says she has given up her birthday - 5 years ago tomorrow, on her 25th birthday - Little Man Tate was born.  He is my Godson, and the sweetest little thing.  He was the first baby I ever saw born, and the main reason I had to move home from Chicago.  He makes me laugh every time I see him, and gets my sense of humor even at 5...what can be better than that??
When I moved home from Chicago - I lived with Eric, Jess, and Tate...and we became best friends :)

Now he's turning 5, and I'm glad he still likes me...we'll see what this post is like when he's 15, and if he still thinks I'm still cool.  Oh yeah - and how many wrinkles Jess has by then too :)  JK!

Happy Birthday Jess and Tate!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few weeks ago...

A few weeks ago, we went out with a couple of my friends from High School. I was excited, Cale was home to visit, and I haven't seen him in a couple of years. He and his girlfriend live in North Carolina - so it was fun to see everyone.

Our fun group:
Zach, Beth, Brad, me, Angelica, and Cale

We only wish we could see each other more often. I had such a stomach ache in the morning from all of the laughing...some things never change!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
A little early, I know....but I might forget tomorrow!
We're going to have a pretty low-key day. Nickelodeon World during the day, and making steak and shrimp (Mine and Jack's favorite meals) tomorrow night. We hope your day is full of LOVE! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book Club, Baseball, Bardens, and Barfing

The weekend was full of stuff to do. Friday night Brad went to Mankato, Jack and Tate went to the farm, and I went to Book Club. I LOVE my book club. It's not so much about the book we read (although we do seem to talk about it for about 15 minutes) but much more about girls getting together to play games and chat. It's so much fun.
Here is Myself and Kristin - we didn't know we lived in the same condo building until we joined the "club"!
Ninah brought over her brand new baby...SUCH a little sweetheart.
And can you tell Tracie's favorite part is winning the game?? You do NOT want to see what she looks like when she loses :)
Brad was in Mankato for the weekend to play snow softball (I know, not baseball, but softball didn't start with a "B" for the blog title). He had a really great time, but definitely had the bruises to show for it. I stopped by to snap a couple of pictures and see my Kato guys.

By the way - nice fur, Joe.
Brad and Willie
Next stop - the Barden's. I was SO excited I was finally healthy enough to go visit Ashley, Derek, and baby Shay. She is two months old now - and still SO TINY. She weighs 8 pounds, and Ashley swears she's huge, but she was still tiny to me.
After having to leave Shay, (sigh....) I went to the farm to pick up the boys. Tate and Jacks had so much fun, as always.
Tate is into giving wedgies, so you better believe I get him back whenever I can!
This was Jacks when I got to the farm, he had slept for over 3 hours!
I thought something was up with Jack for sleeping that long, but he was so excited that Tate was going to spend the night with us again. They got along great, we went to Edinborough Park in the morning and they played and ran for over 2 hours. When we got home, Jacks was in such a great mood - until shortly after Brad walked through the door that evening. Out of nowhere, the flu began... it was a rough one, too. He couldn't hold anything including water down, and I was up most of the night with him. I'm happy to report, he's feeling MUCH better today!

Sorry for the long post, but when you've got a great weekend like we did, there's much to report :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tumble Mites

Since next week is the last week of gymnastics, and I still haven't gotten my new lens, I decided to bite the bullet and take pictures with my small camera. Jack LOVES these classes, and I think Brad has fun too :)

His favorite part of the balance beam...jumping off!
His favorite friend there...every week he runs to the glass and says "Where's Harper!?!?" Aren't they adorable?? She always has the cutest little leotards on - how fun it would be to dress a girl :)
He's just so excited to have somewhere to run his little heart out. Maybe by next week I'll have my new lens and some better pictures!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The First of Many

And so...the updates begin. Brad of course decided not to start with something fun for ALL of us - but fun for HIM. (Just kidding, B!) Last night he and Jacks put in a new organized closet for him. To Brad's defense, mine has been done since we first got married because I tried to put so many clothes on the existing one that it fell down in the middle of the it was time he got a fancy shmancy one for himself.

Can you tell he's lovin' the "Handy Manny" role?

I have a feeling our next update will NOT be something fun to our house, but a new computer. Augh, ours is as old as....hmmmmm, I don't even know, but it's old. And with a hack like my husband, I think it will be next on the list. Now if Photoshop comes with it, we might be talkin'. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Favorite Time of Day

Every night, Jacks and I lay in bed for at least a half hour...typically closer to an hour...and read stories and sing tons of songs. Brad snuck in and took a couple of pictures during our nightly routine. This has become my favorite part of the day, partly because Jack is usually really laid back (and this can come too few of times in Jack's day!)

Since he's such a cheeseball, I tried to replicate - not a very good job, but he thinks the picture is hilarious.
Good night!
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