Wednesday, March 28, 2012


37 Weeks....

I decided I had better throw on probably my most favorite maternity shirt to document it....

This shirt is technically not maternity. I bought this shirt when I was preggo with Jacks thinking it would get me by for a bit before I had to bite the bullet and purchase actual maternity clothes. Little did I know it would turn into the most comfortable top I would wear during my pregnancies.

It has worn and washed so well it still looks new, compared to most of my items that I have worn WAAAAY past the point of being cute anymore.

The problem: Since the first moment I put this shirt on, Brad calls me the Hamburglar.
Yep, you know...the McDonalds guy that steals the burgers from Grimace??
Here he is.
Seriously. I come down the steps and the first thing I hear is "HAMBURGLAR!!!"
It never got old, not even 6 years later.

And since I will never be able to wear this top when I'm not pregnant, I thought I should document it so I don't ever forget.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sleepover success

Saturday, Brad and I had an afternoon date with Kip.
I'm not sure I have ever been so pumped to see a movie, or to feel like a giddy teenager, but we went to the Hunger Games.
The date was followed up by my parents and the Newman kids over for dinner, and a sleepover.
I'm pretty sure my kids thought it was the best day ever, and it was much needed by me, too.
{Although I realize I should have skipped the popcorn...I've been so careful about my sodium intake, but HOW do you pass up POPCORN at a movie!?}

After playing outside LONG past the time it was dark, I tucked all of the kids into our bed and turned on a movie.
Within five minutes, this is what we found...

Sweet sweet sleepover success.
And no surprise that it was the oldest and the youngest that were the first to crash...pretty typical of both of them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

day with dad

Yesterday after church, the girls went home to take a much needed nap, and the Jacks got to have a date day with Brad.   
They headed to the Timberwolves Game.

They had a great time, and stayed for almost the entire game {thanks to Jacks napping through the entire second quarter.}
They came home with a balloon sword for Jacks and cotton candy for Fin...

I think Jacks is going to realize really quickly that it will be fun having two sisters, and doing "boy stuff" with Dad alone.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

baby brecken

So, I've got a couple of pretty rude friends.
Both Beth AND Tracie had their babies on Sunday.
Beth was due the 23rd, and Tracie was due the 31st. 
Both went early, surely making this last month of pregnancy even longer for this Mama that always goes past her due date.

I'm not going to lie, though...I didn't waste any time going to the hospital to see Beth and her new little man, Mr. Brecken Anthony Dunleavy.

He's perfect. I mean, he's PERFECT. Adorable, dark hair, and when he opens his eyes there is no doubt they came from his gorgeous Mommy. I could have smelled him all night long, but the nurse had to take him to do his 24 hour test...

Oh yeah, and that rude friend, Beth??  She did really just have a baby. I know, you can hate her's OK.
She looks fab, and I'm so excited for her and her little family.
And yep, he's already flashing me some sort of sign to tell me off, so he's obviously got a little of his Daddy in him too. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

st pats

I figured I needed to document the lack of clothing the kids needed this St. Patty's Day.
I'm not going to lie, I LURVE the 80 degree weather we've been having.
Bring it on, summer. Please stay.

My kids had me cracking up this weekend...

Conversation 1 (on the first unseasonably warm day)
Jacks: "Mom, is it spring??"
Me: "Well, I don't know, but it certainly feels like it to me!"
Jacks, whispering: "YESSSSSSSSSS, that means baby's coming today!"
I had to retract all of my "baby will come in the spring" talk that I've said all winter. Woops.

Conversation 2....Fin's first joke:
Fin: "Mama!! Knock knock!"
Me: "Who's there??"
Fin: "Banana"
Me: "Banana Who?"
Fin: "Banana Gramma Sandy! HAhahahahahahahaha!!!"
Props to her for telling it in the right format, huh??

I honestly could have bathed the kids like ten times over the course of the weekend. We spent every waking moment outside...filled with sand, sidewalk chalk and dirt, and ended it far too late on Sunday night grilling out with Darcy, Joel, and Parker. Seriously, best way to start "spring". The kids were WAAAAAY over-tired on Monday morning (and their Mommy too), but at least we have the week to recover before the next nice weekend!

Oh yeah, and did you hear me Mother Nature? Stay like this, please. And thank you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

no shame in my game

Hi there, my name is Rachel, and I pretty much have no problem laughing at myself.
Which is why, today, I am here to prove to you that my lips really do get as swollen as I say.

See? I can barely close my mouth.

To quote Newman when he saw me the other day....Whoa, Mama. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


I can't believe this picture was taken only two weeks ago.
Snow. What Jacks had been waiting for....and so he promptly made a snow man with Daddy.

It was so cute, but with the football helmet on, every time I looked out and saw the helmet I thought there was a little guy in our front yard!


The girls stayed nice and warm inside. :) 

Like I said, I can't believe that was only two weeks ago since yesterday the kids and I went to church and to the park with NO JACKETS. Crazy.

This weekend was awesome.
*Jacks had a playdate with Beckett which wore him out {Nice job, Jess...not an easy task}, and I pushed Fin on the swing more times than I can count.

*My dad was here over the weekend.
{Have I mentioned I have the best parents EVER!? You know, like a Dad who gives up his weekend to finish our basement!? Yeah, I do.}
That kept both he and Brad busy all day Saturday. All day as in my Dad left at 12:45am...yikes.

*It ended with a Sunday night dinner out with my sisters.I can't recall the last time I have laughed as hard as I did at dinner. My sisters are pretty much amazing, hysterical, and mean
{Only because half of the laughter was at my expense...and let's be honest, I deserve it},
and I could not love them more than I do.
Perfect ending to a beautiful weekend. Maybe next time I won't be too tired to take out my camera.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

34 weeks

As of yesterday, I am 34 weeks.
And so I find it completely appropriate that the mail lady at work said to me...
"You really have six weeks to go!? You have gotten SO BIG this time around!"
I can't make this crap up, people.

And thus you may not see my face, neck, or ankles until 6 weeks after I have this baby.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The kids and I were looking through lake pictures the other night DREAMING of being able to go to the cabin.
Can you say spring fever!? I know that it's been a very mild winter, but we all decided it's time to be able to go to the cabin on weekends again.

When I came across this picture, I had to smile....look at these little towheads!

What if their baby sister comes out with dark hair!?
It's entirely possible, and just the thought of it makes me giggle.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

baby hove - 33 weeks

Thursday afternoon I got to sneak another peek at Baby Hove.

With her head low, and her feet directly above her head.
A little gymnast already.

I am so excited to meet this little nugget.

Only 6.5 weeks to go!
(So let's just round up to 7)

Friday, March 2, 2012

weekend away

A couple of weekends ago, Brad and I were lucky enough to get away for the weekend.
My college girlfriends all came together for a weekend at Liz's.
No kids. With husbands.

It was so much fun, complete with food, doing a lot of nothing, more food, and even a dance party.

Did I mention food? Gina and I getting dinner ready, and yes - we really did go through all of those tortillas.

Saturday night we went bowling, and since none of the guys were all in the same place at the same time, they get no picture love.

El Pregos

And this picture sums up why I love my girlfriends. As soon as a picture is over there are rude comments, funny poses, and pure disgust.
Never a dull moment.

I did find MANY more pictures on my camera, but I'm sure everyone will be thankful I used some restraint while posting. :)

Love you, girlies! (Oh yeah, and your boys too.)
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