Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo dump

I can't believe how much I rely on my phone for taking pictures. I rarely get by DSLR out of its pretty bag.

So, here we go....a phone photo dump.  And I could NOT change the order of these pictures, so they are in all sorts...better than nothing, right? RIGHT!?

Hanging with my little sisters. For approximately one whole hour. My mom thought for sure Harlow was sick due to the extreme screaming, but it turns out she just really missed her Mommy.
Daddy and Finley...waiting patiently for the doctor.
Red and blue tongues.  We may have been eating airheads.
Carissa and I after the LONGEST drive to nowhere. We were all set to be personal attendants in Angie's wedding, and when we were about 30 minutes from our destination, we found out the wedding was the NEXT weekend. Yes, that seriously happened. We are still laughing about it.
She inherited her Mommy's sweet tooth.
The best part about making choco chip cookies is definitely sneaking some batter.
Our first night out since the new babe.
This is the ugliest picture, but man it makes me giggle.
Yes, I thought I could use this log as a gymnastics bar. No it did not work. Yes I have the bruises to prove it.
Becky's bachelorette party!
Remember when I said she was waiting patiently for the doctor??  Well, 40 minutes into our wait she was over the patiently part.
Lunch date with Daddy.
Baby piercings. 10 week old champion.
Washing their vehicles.
Old roomies.
I really do have the best job ever.
Corrupting my baby girl.
Wedding cocktails.
The church for Katie and Russ' wedding. So pretty.
Angie, the blushing bride and her groom.
Man, I love those lips.
Gigi, tucking in my girls on an overnight visit.
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