Monday, September 26, 2011

party of five

So, here it is...the big explanation of why blogging hasn't exactly been on the top of the list.

Yep, a party of five.

We are more than excited to have another little nugget join our little family. However, I do have to admit...I am more than excited to start feeling better again. I'm tired of winning gold medals in the puking Olympics. Too much info?  Well, it's been brutal to say the least.  No, I don't need to be hooked up to iv's, but I'm pretty sure Brad is tired of me whining about how awful I feel, and I know I'm ready to get my spunk back.

But another little worth it is that!?

Two more little feet running in our already crazy house.
A new three-ring circus.
More wrestling matches.
More tickle tortures.
More stories at night.
One more round of prayers and songs.
A full house, and even more full are our hearts.

Expected arrival!?

And yes, that does mean that I am not 16 20 weeks pregnant like I look in the photos.
The nasty little trick your body plays on you the third time around.
"You're preggers!?  Well then, let's get this maternity pants party started. IMMEDIATELY."

Oh, little I can't wait to fill those shoes.
Now be a good boy or girl...
Grow and thrive in the little home of yours. If you're anything like your brother and sister, I know you'll be in NO hurry.

And remember, Mommy loves you already.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the end of summer

Nothing says the end of summer like your summer roomie moving away.
Why must she go back to school?
Who watch willy reality shows with me?
Who will make sure I don't go to bed too early like an old lady?
Who will show me funny videos or pictures that I laugh about hours later?
Who will Jacks beg to wake up in the morning?
More importantly...who will Fin show her outfit to every day?

girl talk

Trying to get the nail polish off of his nose. Yep, nail polish. That he had freshly painted to the tip of his nose.

 And this next picture pretty much sums up how we all felt.
Just the sight of her car loaded with everything that used to fill our spare bedroom :(
We miss you, Kas.  Come back, mmmmmm K?

Friday, September 9, 2011


So, today was supposed to be an exciting day for little Pete.
His first Friday at school, and a sleepover with his cousins.
Instead, this is how we're spending his Friday...
Laying on the couch, cuddled with pup, with a 102 fever.
Poor little man, let's hope he feels better soon!!
But, a little cuddle time with Mom doesn't hurt either, right?? :)

About two minutes after I posted this, I heard little man snoring...
I hope the Tylenol kicks in quickly!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

first day

 Believe me, no one has noticed the lack of blogging skills on here more than me....
Well, maybe Kelly...but at least she hasn't left threatening messages on my FB page like she has my sister :)

More on that later...and I promise I will catch up on summer eventually.

Today, I happen to have my camera with me, so you get first dibs on little man's first day of school.

Jacks could NOT have been more excited for today.  Even though he's five, we decided to put him in a Kindergarten-readiness program this year at the private school near our house.  He only wore his backpack for about an hour and a half before it was actually time to leave... :)

I promised if he took one nice picture, I would take a picture of him riding his scooter...which he did fully dressed for 45 minutes waiting waiting waiting for Brad and I to walk out the door.
{And don't worry...his helmet was on until the pictures were snapped...I had to do his hair, you know...}

 Just as we were in the front yard, our adorable neighbors popped out for their first day too.
Oh, how easy it will be next year when Pete can wear a uniform!!
Quinn is starting Kindergarten, and Nina is in 3rd grade.

 Walking...NOT holding my hand.  {tear}
 This is his OK, Mom....take my picture and leave face.
How grown up he is....
I hope you look forward to every first day of school as much as this one, Jacks....
I know you'll do great!
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