Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the weekend

What a weekend. A great weekend I may add.

Friday, Brad and I decided we were going to take the day off, bring the kids to daycare, and call it a date day. It was so much fun until we got "the call". You know, the one that says your little man has a SOARING high fever and we need to pick him up immediately. So, some doses of Tylenol, some pushing of liquids, and a couple of pukes later {all over our new rug}, we were all snuggled in on the couches for a nice quiet Friday evening.

Saturday Jacks {thankfully} felt so much better. And then we waited. And waited. For the day we had been talking about for two weeks. KARA was coming!! Jacks even made Fin wait by the window to watch for her arrival. We were so excited to see her. So almost as soon as she got there, we piled into the car and went to find some perfect pumpkins.

The kids had such a great time. Well, Jacks had a great time...
He rode tractors, horses, and a CAMEL. He fed the goats, and was all giggles all day long.

Finster was adorable as she "Ohhhhh'd" at everything we saw.

But let me tell you, when this girl has had enough of watching her big bro have all the fun, she's not shy about telling you!

Finally, it was time to actually pick the pumpkins. And what a FUN helper we had!

Kip was such a good sport. I mean, the little animal lover even attempted THIS...
It was such a fun day...

...and we even got a family pic!

Sunday started the best way possible. An early wake up to Kip, and a wrestling match with the kiddos!

Sunday night was spent carving pumpkins and watching the horrific sight of what was supposed to be a good football game. If you take a peek, you can see I DID have a cute little dress on Fin, but it was some-how covered up with a Vikings jersey. {I wonder how that happened}. It's a good thing those Peterson jerseys have a tug at my heart!

Today it's about 30 degrees and there was snow hitting my windshield. Good thing we took care of the "fall" stuff over the weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

baby baby

Oh, how we are so IMpatiently awaiting the arrival of this little man...

And could his Mama be ANY cuter!?

Monday, October 18, 2010

trash bandit

Look out, people, the trash bandit it on the loose. Lock your cabinet doors!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a visit from kas

I would love to post a ton of pictures of Kasey's visit last weekend. Unfortunately, I took ZERO pictures. Seriously, zero!? Who am I??

We had so much fun seeing her - it had been almost two months since we had seen her, and she had never even seen Fin walk...SAD!

So here's the only picture from the weekend...ala` Kas and her kickin' glasses.

I think she looks like Grandma Sandy circa 1990, no?

Monday, October 11, 2010

ten on ten

I tend to follow lots of blogs....LOTS of blogs. I devour in them when I have the time {which typically is NOT very often}. Lots of Moms who stay at home, are inspiring, and have lots of great things to do and say. Many of those women do a blog title each month called "ten on ten". Each month on the tenth, they take one picture an hour and document the day. Well, this working Mom would love to have tried this in the past, but how fun would it be to see me each hour sitting at my computer, or in a meeting, or making get the idea.

Well, folks - here's my first ten on ten. Because it was Sunday Funday, and I could finally do it - on 10.10.10. Exciting :) Ha, well - we'll see if you think so...

The day started before sunrise, and NO ONE was in the mood for pictures at that moment. So when the sun came up, so did my flash...
{side note - why do my kids insist on being early birds!?}
And then I forgot to take pictures for a couple of next up, Jacks taking the LAST dose of his meds. {YES} before Sunday school...the creative cat is always thinking of a new way to pull the trigger on that one.
After Jacks and Brad left for church, Fin woke up {you know, JUST in time for me to NOT get a flat-iron through my hair} Good thing she's so adorable...that and the fact that she's so darn happy all the time.
Here we are, after finally getting ready, trying to get a pic before church. FAIL.
Typically I would say Ahhhhhh, church. But since my little man decided to run up and down the aisles the entire service, I think I need a do-over. Next week he's not winning the nursery refusal.
Sweet relief - quiet time.
Finally getting around to painting our bathroom. It only took, what, over a year!?
We had some visitors, and with a bit of begging, cookies with Uncle B were in production.
And we ended the day with lots of leaves and neighbors.
And since my camera battery died, that's my lame attempt on the day. Maybe next time the hubs will come through and make it look like I was actually there, too! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the trip to see my boyfriends...with my husband

Everyone knows it. Dave Matthews is my boyfriend.
Yes, he may also be the boyfriend of thousands of other women right along with me, but I'm totally OK with that. When he sings, I'm pretty sure he's singing right to me...right?
Well, top that cake with Wrigley Field and Jason Mraz sprinkles and I smell a ROAD TRIP!
I know Brad blogged a big about it, but I must tell you. I will be fine if I never go to another concert again {OK, let's get real - I'm in love with concerts so that's clearly not an option}.
Here we are, giggly with anticipation for the evening...

I mean, COME ON... terms of shows, does it GET better than THIS!?
These boys did NOT disappoint :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

golden day, maroon game?

So, you all know my BFF, right? Yes, my sister Jess. Well, apparently we even think alike sometimes.
We both told our Dad for Father's Day that we'd like to take him to a Gopher football game, and we hadn't even discussed it prior.
Coincidence? Yes, but convenient? YES!
Our Dad is a Gopher alum, and the dates worked out that we could go to the Homecoming game.
After a couple of horrible weeks for the team, Saturday was actually a really fun game. The day was AWESOME {although, we were high and breezy, and on the shaded side}. Plus, it's always fun to have some kid-free time with our know, the kind of time that doesn't include begging for Grandma to play a game or Grandpa to throw them in the air!? And even though we lost, it was by ONE POINT and at the end of a good game...not what we were maybe expecting!
Here we are with our Darling Dad...we really are lucky to have the parents we do.
Me and the hubs....
Dad trying to warm Jess up - it really was FREEZING a bit chilly :)
The "big girl" gang. We missed Kip and Kas!!
Happy Late Fathers Day, Dad!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

finster update - 10 months old

How is my baby gal 10 months old already!? I can't stand that she's getting so big, even though I have to admit these are some of my favorite stages for babies...she is such a little doll.
If you ask her what a puppy says, she'll "huh huh" for you while shrugging her shoulders.
She makes a fish face more often than not. {but of course not for a picture}
She's obsessed with babies. Real or dolls, OBSESSED with them. She calls them Dadadadadada. Dada is Brad, but Dadadadada is a baby.
She's recently noticed pictures on the walls...and now points to them when you ask where Finley or Jack is.
She's a happy happy little baby. She's still tiny, in the 11th percentile for weight and 60th for height.

She loves to laugh at Jacks making funny faces, and cracks us up a ton.

She is no longer walking, she's in a total running mode. Usually sideways since she's going too fast to walk a straight line.

And she's got four teeth. Two tops, two bottoms.
Her top teeth crack us up because they're so huge and so far apart. Jess assures us that Tate's were the same way and his turned out normal :)

All in all, she's simply our little honey pie.
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