Wednesday, June 19, 2013

breaking my silence...

So, here we are folks, putting it all into perspective...letting you in on my personal life these days.
Woof, here we go...

To say that life has been difficult the last few months is more than an understatement. They've been rotten. Hide in the laundry room and cry into a towel rotten., the sun is shining, and so is my soul. It has taken a while to get here, but I can talk to people without a lump in my throat, and I'm ready to share.

This girl.....

My spunky, sweet, kind-spirited little lady.

I took these photos on her third birthday.
Six months earlier we first started seeing an endocrinologist for what was diagnosed as thyroid issues.
But something didn't seem right. I don't know if it was the doctor's personality, or just God giving me an intuition to make a change, but we requested a new specialist.

To keep a long story short, the new endo was wonderful. 
She was kind, patient with Finley, and also very frank with us.
It was clear to her we were not dealing with a thyroid issue.

After many tests and many long days in the hospital for Fin, it was diagnosed that she has a very rare genetic disorder. 
{To try and keep a bit of privacy for Finley as she grows older, I don't want to go into too much detail.
If you would like more specifics, email me anytime and we can chat.}

So rare, in fact, that no one at Children's or Gillette here in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area have ever had a case of it.
We are dealing with genetics, endocrinologists, and orthopedics....
and although everyone has heard of it, no one has actually had a patient with Finley's diagnosis.

A few of her symptoms include extremely high estrogen levels, brittle bones, short stature, and a long list of other symptoms that haven't yet shown themselves, and we're hoping they don't.

She has been such a trooper. The first few tests were great. 
She could take an iv like a champ, she let them poke around all day long, and kind-of loved the attention.

Thank the Lord the staff at Children's is so wonderful. They made her feel so special and in control.

But it didn't take very many days for her to be tired.
Tired of being pushed on.
Tired of having iv's.
Tired of giving blood.
In all honestly, she panics at the smell of rubbing alcohol.

And this sums up where we were feeling a few weeks ago.
Spent. Exhausted. Tired. Burnt out.

I know for many families, they have much harder days, weeks, and months.
We were lucky, we were able to sleep in our own beds.
We were able to know that she was going to come home with us.
We are thankful.
But I can't lie and say it isn't hard.

A piece of my little lady's innocence is lost.
When her estrogen spikes, you can see it in her eyes, and she's no longer Finley, she has no control over her personality.

But we're dealing.
Right now, we are taking a break. We were told to hold off on any treatment options until we figure a little bit more out, so right now, we wait. In the late summer, we plan to bring her to Mayo clinic for hopefully some more difinitive answers. But Finley needs a break. She needs to play. And we feel fortunate she has the opportunity to just be three and a half for a little while.

Our health history has been a huge struggle in our family.
We found out at a young age that Jacks has Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD.
He is a healthy kid, but he does need special help, and some days are a huge battle.

Then, early last November, Harlow woke up with this:

After a day of testing, we found out she has lymphatic malformations.
{This was the picture I sent my Mom in a panic. Over the course of the next two days it tripled in size.}
After a few days, she was in for surgery to remove the cyst.

{prayers and lullabies before surgery}

They found not only did she have her large cyst, she has many in the muscle tissue underneath.
Because they didn't want to disrupt her breast/muscle tissue, they left them in.
Because they left them in, they became infected.

This resulted in her wound opening and draining at daycare, and they called an ambulance.
We rushed there, got her in to the ER, and they sent us home.
This happened five more times.
Finally, after FINALLY listening to me, she was put on the correct medication and started to heal.

But there was a catch...
She was little. She was sick, and they wanted to heal her.
This meant waiting until her first birthday, putting on some weight, and then starting chemo.

Now, before you freak out {like I did} just know....she healed on her own.
She looks great. There are no plans for chemo at the moment, and we're hoping it stays that way.

She most likely need a few surgeries to help her skin stretch and her body develop, but my word, we are thankful she is healthy. 
She's a tiny little being {not even on the charts for weight}, but she's healthy.

In the midst of it all, a month ago, I unexpectedly needed my gallbladder removed.

{clearly on drugs}

Like I said, it's been tough, but things are better.
I can't begin to thank all of the people that have sent me notes that they were praying.
So many people have helped with meals.
My mom and sisters have brought me out of deep dark holes.
My girlfriends have sent flowers.
We have literally been touched beyond words with the kind hearts around us.

And we know, even though it may be a long road ahead of us, we are good.
Brad and I are strong. We are in love. We can handle hard times. And we believe there is good.

That's not to say it won't rain every once in a while.

{picture taken during a long walk between Fin's tests}

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

where oh where has my little blog gone??

A new year, a new start.
{Yes, I'm aware that we're half way through March.}
2012 was a fantastic and very difficult year for us.

We added a sweet baby girl to our family.
We really started to dig into making our home what we want it to be.
We both lost a grandparent.
Health issues, scary days, all of the above.
Through it all, we grew closer as a family. I truly could not love them more.

But now, let me catch you up on what we've been doing the last few months.

Buckle up, there are more pictures than you will know what to do with.
Also, if you already follow me on Instagram, you have seen 99% of these photos.
In no particular order....{and possibly the same picture more than once, there were too many to know}

a little lot of makeup | Halloween | hot chocolate | into everything | cutting up unused credit cards  
{also known as Financial Peace University}

the best big bro | such a girly girl | date nights | cutie patootie socks | silly little people

Finley's new car parking spot | daycare Christmas program | my girls | kissing babies | CANDY!

Cheetos hands at Jack's bball game | sick baby | swimming baby | baby and her baby | snow tag

SS with Aunt Jess | helping Daddy | fun night with Beth | stealing cookie ingredients | new accessories

trying on swimsuits | skinny baby | | face juggler {disturbing} | Aussie Rene` is home!

new baby buds | darker hair | turning 3 | outfits | happy Harlow

Opening of UNION | painted cabinets | leading his Mass | face jug with Reid and Fin | little hair dresser

morning joe | cutie pie | besties | old cheer outfit | my favorite project

my Dad and Brad, twins | we have a walker! | date with Jacks | bronchitis | snow babies

Bucky | first spaghetti | snow day | Liz's birthday | Say HI to Paul Bunyan

Tattoos from Parker | Coffee monster | playing "Mommy" | Finley's banner | sharing popsicles with Lo

anniversary chefs | walking again | "Sally" | shirtless smokin' fast best friend cousins | Sammy, NOT so happy

days spent at Children's | hometown church | little braids | sleeping bags | constant climber

Buddy the elf | my little buddy | Kasey's ring | YAY for bridesmaids! | learning to walk

 another shirtless pic | pumpkin patch | cheering on Jess| making ridiculous signs for her | kitchen floor picnic

Consider yourself caught up.
Now I need to do the same.

Monday, December 17, 2012

days are long...nights are longer

Two months since I've blogged.

To say that we've had some stuff going on is beyond an understatement.

I've started blog posts more times than I can count.
Posts that were witty, funny, silly stuff that has been going on with us.
I didn't want to dig into the hard stuff.

But you know what? Nothing is as hard as the stuff that the parents in Newtown are dealing with.
I have my babies, and I am able to hold them at night.

Yes, there have been some scary days in our house over the last couple of months.
There has been a long night spent in the hospital.
Nights spent trying to get a  3-year-old back into her own bed.
Spent nursing babies.
Spent listening to kids cough with sick lungs.
Spent trying to ward off the insomnia that just doesn't seem to go away for this Mom of three.

Not sleeping makes for long days.
It makes for longer nights.
Wishing I could sleep.
Wishing I could stop worrying about my babies.
Wishing the prayers I've been saying lately didn't even have to be prayed for.
Wishing I could shut my mind down for even a short period of time.

But guess what....I still get to wake up to my kids.
And let's get real...that's all that matters.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

little lola - six months old

Isn't she cute? :)
I can't believe our babe is six months old already.
What I can't believe even more is that she is acting like she is much older.
The little stinker.

Just a few of her newest tricks....
Crawling EVERYWHERE. Nothing is off limits to this little lady.
Pulling herself up on furniture {or people, or anything she can} and letting one hand go.
Going from crawling to sitting to crawling again.
Clapping {my favorite...she thinks she's SO funny}.

Her six month weight is 13 pounds, 6 oz.
That's the 10th percentile....
A tiny peanut mover, who does she think she is!?

She popped her first tooth, and started eating oatmeal.
With the other two kids, eating food came with a learning curve.
Not for this diva. 
She never spit it out...not even once. {But her face apparently tells a different story}

And then let's talk about her sister, who would NOT stay out of the shot.
Typically these days I can't get this little lady to take a picture, but on this day, I literally couldn't get her out of it.

{Oh, heeeeeeey}

So a little bribery later, I promised I would take her picture all by herself if she let me take a few of Lo.

This is how she decided to pose:

Monday, October 15, 2012


There is a new swear word in our house. 

I knew this was going to happen some day, and that day came.
And then it lingered....and lingered...and lingered.
And although we're not out of the woods yet, things are looking up in the Hoverson House.

On Thursday the 4th, Jacks had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

After being told for a couple of years that we should keep an eye on them, a second opinion let us know they should be taken out, and ASAP. Although I knew it would be better after all was said and done, I was scared for him, and nervous for his recovery.

{Photos are both from my phone and camera}

The morning started early, but he was in such great spirits.
I had taken him on a tour of Children's earlier in the week while Brad was out of town, and Jacks felt really confident that he was going to do great.
I truly believed it helped his anxiety, but he wasn't aware of what he was in for.

Seriously, looking a bit too chipper.

What do you do when you're nervous for your little dude??
Pick your manicure off, obviously.

 We held his hands as he went to sleep, and he woke up crying for Mommy.
This is about 15 minutes after he woke up, watching a movie.

 I felt so sad for him.
I kept trying to do anything I could to take his pain away...
Rubbing his hair, asking what he wanted, offering anything...and all was declined.
Brad was laughing so hard telling me to stop being "all Mommy" on him for a minute.

Finally he was able to have some Tylenol, and ten minutes later he jumped up and wanted a freezie.
Thank GOD for Tylenol.

I think this was his favorite part...being able to ride in a wheelchair.

We made it home, and barely.
I'm pretty sure the ride made him sick, and within seconds of walking through the door, I had a sick little man on my hands.
At least he made it to the toilet instead of puking in the car!

It was a ROUUUUGH week after that.
Lots of screaming.
Lots of crying.
Lots of asking WHY oh WHY do I have to have my tonsils out?!?!
Lots of praying with Mommy that God would help him heal quickly.
Lots of naps.
Lots of cartoons.
Lots and lots of Mommy and Jack time.
And lots of board games.

 On day six, I was worried.
Really worried.
Things took a turn for the worse with a fever, and I couldn't even get him to take Tylenol or Advil anymore for fear of swallowing.
I posted this picture on Facebook asking for prayers...because not even a "handsome shirt" made him feel better.

And let me just say, thank you for the power of prayer. The next morning I woke up to this...

A smile.
A far far cry from the screaming match we had the day before over Advil.
That day we called the doctor and were given the OK to give him adult Advil which was much easier for him to swallow, and things have been on the up ever since.

Today is day eleven.
I know his scabs are most likely coming off, so I'm ready for a couple of more painful days, but he is finally back at school, and feeling much much better.

Brad and I were able to sneak away this weekend for a bit while my parents watched the kiddos, and Jack had a hard time with me leaving. That hasn't happened in years, but then I realized, for ten days he had been attached to my hip. Literally. He made me sit with him all day while I worked. He made me lay by him until he fell asleep. He was right by me again when he woke up, and he wasn't sure how to feel about me going away.  Those days and moments are so few and far between, I have to remember to take a moment and enjoy when he needed his Mommy again.

I just hope that what they say is true...that it really is worth it in the long run.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

growing up

Let me preface by saying eventually, there will be a day, where I don't start a blog by apologizing.
I have SO MUCH to catch up on.

So while life has been getting away from us, my kiddos have been growing up so fast.

Jacks started kindergarten.

He has had good days and tough days, but he loves school.
He doesn't love his new nickname, Freckle-face, but is learning a great lesson on name calling.
And I for one love those little freckles.

 Jacks is such a great big brother.
Always eager to help out {even if sometimes I'd rather he just leave the girls alone!}

He is pretty good entertainment...

And this was taken a couple of weeks ago, but little lady is crawling. FULL ON crawling at five months old.
I think I'm going to have my hands full with this one :)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

harlow 5 months

Harlow Jane, 5 months old
She's such a sweet baby. After lots of getting used to Mommy being at work, she has finally gotten over it.
She's so sweet, very smiley, and is so content.
She is sitting up by herself, and insistent upon learning to scoot and crawl.
She only weighs 13 pounds, still a tiny little peanut.
After 2 months of sleeping soundly through the night, she decided she likes to have some Mommy time in the middle of the night again. {sigh} Hopefully it's just a growth spurt.
She sits in her high chair during dinner, but hasn't started solids yet.
She goes down for bed wide awake, and still sucks her thumb...but due to her new found freedom of movement, it takes a loooooooong time for her to actually fall asleep. It's much more fun to crawl all over the crib.

Her new tricks:


Still her favorite...sucking on toes.

And showing off her dimples.
Oh yeah, and of course...constantly covered with drool.
That's my girl.

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