Wednesday, March 13, 2013

where oh where has my little blog gone??

A new year, a new start.
{Yes, I'm aware that we're half way through March.}
2012 was a fantastic and very difficult year for us.

We added a sweet baby girl to our family.
We really started to dig into making our home what we want it to be.
We both lost a grandparent.
Health issues, scary days, all of the above.
Through it all, we grew closer as a family. I truly could not love them more.

But now, let me catch you up on what we've been doing the last few months.

Buckle up, there are more pictures than you will know what to do with.
Also, if you already follow me on Instagram, you have seen 99% of these photos.
In no particular order....{and possibly the same picture more than once, there were too many to know}

a little lot of makeup | Halloween | hot chocolate | into everything | cutting up unused credit cards  
{also known as Financial Peace University}

the best big bro | such a girly girl | date nights | cutie patootie socks | silly little people

Finley's new car parking spot | daycare Christmas program | my girls | kissing babies | CANDY!

Cheetos hands at Jack's bball game | sick baby | swimming baby | baby and her baby | snow tag

SS with Aunt Jess | helping Daddy | fun night with Beth | stealing cookie ingredients | new accessories

trying on swimsuits | skinny baby | | face juggler {disturbing} | Aussie Rene` is home!

new baby buds | darker hair | turning 3 | outfits | happy Harlow

Opening of UNION | painted cabinets | leading his Mass | face jug with Reid and Fin | little hair dresser

morning joe | cutie pie | besties | old cheer outfit | my favorite project

my Dad and Brad, twins | we have a walker! | date with Jacks | bronchitis | snow babies

Bucky | first spaghetti | snow day | Liz's birthday | Say HI to Paul Bunyan

Tattoos from Parker | Coffee monster | playing "Mommy" | Finley's banner | sharing popsicles with Lo

anniversary chefs | walking again | "Sally" | shirtless smokin' fast best friend cousins | Sammy, NOT so happy

days spent at Children's | hometown church | little braids | sleeping bags | constant climber

Buddy the elf | my little buddy | Kasey's ring | YAY for bridesmaids! | learning to walk

 another shirtless pic | pumpkin patch | cheering on Jess| making ridiculous signs for her | kitchen floor picnic

Consider yourself caught up.
Now I need to do the same.


Heather said...

Hi - Angela's sister, Heather, here. I've checked your blog a few times and was happy to see you were back. We have had an insane year as well. I hope things are looking up. What a beautiful family you have. I hope it starts to feel like spring there more ways than one. :)

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