Monday, December 17, 2012

days are long...nights are longer

Two months since I've blogged.

To say that we've had some stuff going on is beyond an understatement.

I've started blog posts more times than I can count.
Posts that were witty, funny, silly stuff that has been going on with us.
I didn't want to dig into the hard stuff.

But you know what? Nothing is as hard as the stuff that the parents in Newtown are dealing with.
I have my babies, and I am able to hold them at night.

Yes, there have been some scary days in our house over the last couple of months.
There has been a long night spent in the hospital.
Nights spent trying to get a  3-year-old back into her own bed.
Spent nursing babies.
Spent listening to kids cough with sick lungs.
Spent trying to ward off the insomnia that just doesn't seem to go away for this Mom of three.

Not sleeping makes for long days.
It makes for longer nights.
Wishing I could sleep.
Wishing I could stop worrying about my babies.
Wishing the prayers I've been saying lately didn't even have to be prayed for.
Wishing I could shut my mind down for even a short period of time.

But guess what....I still get to wake up to my kids.
And let's get real...that's all that matters.



Carissa said...

Totally agree! Thinking about you often! XOXO

Marco Family said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. worrying is a part of being a parent, it is that whole control thing that we don't have control of! Love those little people though! The joy out weighs the worry!!! Miss you Rach!

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