Tuesday, October 23, 2012

little lola - six months old

Isn't she cute? :)
I can't believe our babe is six months old already.
What I can't believe even more is that she is acting like she is much older.
The little stinker.

Just a few of her newest tricks....
Crawling EVERYWHERE. Nothing is off limits to this little lady.
Pulling herself up on furniture {or people, or anything she can} and letting one hand go.
Going from crawling to sitting to crawling again.
Clapping {my favorite...she thinks she's SO funny}.

Her six month weight is 13 pounds, 6 oz.
That's the 10th percentile....
A tiny peanut mover, who does she think she is!?

She popped her first tooth, and started eating oatmeal.
With the other two kids, eating food came with a learning curve.
Not for this diva. 
She never spit it out...not even once. {But her face apparently tells a different story}

And then let's talk about her sister, who would NOT stay out of the shot.
Typically these days I can't get this little lady to take a picture, but on this day, I literally couldn't get her out of it.

{Oh, heeeeeeey}

So a little bribery later, I promised I would take her picture all by herself if she let me take a few of Lo.

This is how she decided to pose:
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