Monday, October 27, 2008

A mini who???

My Mom just sent me this picture tonight, and I had to share it.  For all 2 + years of Jacks, I have heard nothing except that he is Brad's Mini-Me.  Well - here's the proof....there's some of me in there somewhere!  What do you think??

The farm....and SNOW!?

This weekend we took a trip to the farm so Brad could help my Dad for the weekend. On Sunday, Brad brought Jack out in the tractor for about an hour...and let me tell you, the kid was in heaven. They weren't out there long...the snow stopped them from working.

On that note...why is it that every year, I am shocked when the first snow comes!? You'd think we would start to be ready for it...but not this girl. I dread it every year.

I do love how you can see the snow in this picture...and as Jack said "Mommy, it is WIIIIIINDY!"

Look at Brad trying to shield his face....yep - it was windy!

Since we had to come inside, Jack found his own little piece of machinery to play with. Thanks again for the fun weekend, G&G!!!

Oh Yeah - and Crazy KC too....

(She may hate me for that one...but it's so worth it)!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

The shirt says it all...

I really don't think I even need to make a comment on this one - besides that I LOVE this picture, and of course this little man of mine.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tutu cute!

Melissa sent me a picture of Miya in her tutu. One word: Adorable.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miyo Miyo Bo Biyo

Why the blog title, you ask? Because since Jack has moved into his big bed, we lay in there together every night for at least 20 minutes singing songs....and his favorite is the "Jackson, Jackson, Bo Backson" song....does it have a real name?? Well - since he calls our little niece Miya MiyO.....and it is usually the last song (and name) of the night.
It just so happens, today was Miyo's baptism.

Let me tell you, this little girl does NOT help my aching heart get over its baby itch. She is such a great baby, and a serious doll.
I have to put this one on there...."Staying Alive!" Just a tiny dancer.

Miya and her Sponsors, Jen, Rach, and Brad.

I only wish I had taken a picture of her in the most adorable little tutu I had Jess make for her. We also got her this necklace from Erin at the Vintage Pearl...and believe me, it is as cute as it looks online.


Brad and I were talking yesterday, and we is because of days like these we love living in Minnesota....especially in October. We almost couldn't remember a weekend of more perfect weather, but I had to mention this day, a year ago tomorrow. (Congrats Robert and Beth!)

We decided to enjoy the weather and take a trip to the Arboretum. Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too....if Mr. Weatherman is right, it's officially over this week!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's officially fall

After getting back from our great vacation, we were thrown into the cold weather again...when the pilot said "The weather in Minneapolis is 43 degrees....whoah."  Whoah is right, and so it is officially fall.  So...time to pick pumpkins!
Newmans came with us, are our two little peas in a pod (some days).  Aves and Jacks.
Trying to get a good picture of all four doesn't always work that well!

And how cute is this...Jacks trying to help Brad carry our big pumpkin to the car!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Darcy and Joel's Wedding

Darcy and Joel probably had the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. The perfect location, the perfect day, the perfect couple. We had such a great time, and were so glad we could share the day (and the week) with you guys. We are so happy for you, and love you very much!!

For tons of more pictures - click here.

Bahamas, Baby!

We were fortunate enough this last week to take a short trip to the Bahamas with the best group of people.  Our girlfriend Darcy was getting married, so what better reason to fly down?  The weather was awesome, and we had a really great time.  We came home with lots of funny stories, some horror stories about flights (I don't think Amanda and Ryan still have their luggage...and I'm not sure Gina and Tim are even home yet!!) but we had such a great time regardless.  We tried not to take any of it for granted - because we're all aware it may be our last huge trip all together!  
Brad and I swimming in the incredibly blue ocean.  At one point during the trip, I got so pummelled by a wave, my swimsuit was around my knees, and my brand new sunglasses never did surface!

All of the boys - we're so fortunate they get along as well as they do! (Maybe too well sometimes??)
Ready for the Meet & Greet

With our girl, Darc.

Checking out the Atlantis

Thanks for all of the fun, everyone...we had such a blast.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodbye Crib - Hello Big Boy Bed!

Last Thursday night, Jack crawled out of his crib 38 38 times Brad and I took turns putting him back in. Friday it was decided that the crib had to go. If he was going to crawl out that many times anyway, why not make it easier to get in and out? I know what you're thinking, why didn't we move him when he started crawling out of his crib?? Because he was 11 months old, that's why!

So - Saturday morning, Brad and Jack took down the crib.

Waving Good-Bye to the crib!
"Where'd the mattress go??"

No, jack - this is not your new play spot!
Putting up the Big Boy Bed!

Brad kept looking at me, with my teary eyes asking if I was OK (Thank God he didn't take any pictures!) It's just my first baby is getting so old...I couldn't get over it!

Finally we got him into bed, let him know he had to stay in his room, and after a little bit of convincing, he stayed in. An hour later, we wanted to see where he fell asleep, so I tried to open the door. When I couldn't get it open, this is what I saw...

He had carried "Pingy" (his name for his blanky) and Puppy to the door, and decided to sleep there. I snuck in and took this one from inside his room.

I picked him up and put him in his bed...and there he slept until 5:15.

Last night, he fell asleep in his bed, so hopefully he's gotten more used to it :)

Sweet Tooth

Fact: I may have the biggest sweet tooth known to man.
Fact: I had braces in high school.
Fact: I broke out my bottom "permanent" retainer eating a Sugar Daddy.
Fact: I told the orthodontist I bit into a big carrot.

Knowing all of the above....while my sister Kasey was on a recent trip, she found this RIDICULOUSLY big Sugar Daddy at a candy store, and said she just had to buy it for me.

Yes, that says Giant...

Jack couldn't get over how big it was either...and of course thought we should try to eat it. I think not...I do NOT need to pass on the "sweet" genes!!

PS...Do you think the orthodontist believed me?? :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Daddy Day!

Each month I take a Friday off from working in the office and stay home with Jack. This day is now officially referred to as "Daddy Day" and has turned into quite the occasion. Starting on Thursday night, Jack says tomorrow is Daddy Day! In case you are wondering what happens on daddy day, here's a short list of the usual. I make a big breakfast (today was waffles and eggs), we play with cars, play baseball, play football, play soccer, climb on everything, take a nap that is too short (for both of us!), and run around outside! All of this happens while I try to get as much work done as possible. I always have my phone close by to reply to emails and take calls for work.

All in all, I really look forward to our "Daddy Days". Each day Jack is developing so much and being able to spend this much alone time with his is awesome. Today he was pushing his school bus around saying, "I'm going to work daddy, see you later" and around the corner he went. Jack was signing along with the school bus; however, the bus says "Stop and Go, Stop and Go", and Jack yells, "Soccer ball, Soccer ball" which kind of sounds like stop and go. What a character!

That's about all I have for today. Jack is asking to have some grapes and to watch Tarzan. Looks like a movie and snacks for Jack and dad!
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