Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today was a very exciting day.
My kids have another friend to add to their list of favorites.

Sam Rodney Hempel {Parker's brother} was born this morning.

An 8lb. 9oz. bundle of perfection.

I got to see him as a fresh 4-hour-old.
Just one of the perks to living just a couple of blocks from the hospital.

Monday, August 27, 2012

her real bff

One day, on our way to pick up Darcy and Parker to go to the zoo, Fin said
"Mommy, Parker is my best friend. I just love him soooo much."
This could not be more true.

Both Fin and Parker ask almost every day to go to each other's houses.
They hug when they see each other.
They get in trouble together.
They will get married some day. I mean, I didn't say that.

It's not like we've given them a chance...they've been besties since day one.

And I feel lucky that his Mama is my bestie too.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Thursday night, Brad and I were sitting talking to the kids when Brad blurted out...
"OK, guys - here's the deal. If you guys pick up all of the toys in the basement, we're going to go bowling."
I don't get shocked very easily, but I'm pretty sure I just looked at him like he was on drugs.
We were all so excited.
Let me just say, I've never seen Jacks clean so quickly in my entire life.

Since we've never taken the kiddos bowling before {terrible, I know} they were more than a little pumped.

Look at that form!
Jacks had asked me earlier in the day "Mom, is that what you're wearing?" When I said yes he just said "Well, your hair looks pretty crazy."  Too bad for him I didn't do anything about it before we left the house.

Doesn't she look amused??? She was far more excited than she leads on in her cool attitude.

So he might have a little dinner left on his face...

Lo was a great little cheerleader. All smiles all night long...even right after her four month shots.

Yep, she's my daughter. Underwear hanging out and all.

Did you get the memo? She's two going on thirteen.
Let me rephrase...she was all smiles all night with the exception of taking pictures with her Mommy.  Figures.
It's a long time to wait for your turn...especially when your little sister's ball takes about 5 minutes to get to the pins.

It's too bad she's not adored, right??  Sheesh.
A sad sad sight. 

Dad: 159
Jacks: 101
Mom: 90
Finley: 91

Yeah, seriously I lost. And I did try.
I'm the worst bowler in the world.
What's even more sad? One of my spares was thrown by Finley.
Perhaps I need lessons. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

dinnertime drama

Last month, this was her favorite meal.
This time, she was totally offended that I wanted her to eat it.

I think we have a 2 year old.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

three months

Harlow Jane, three months old.
{yeah, I know, almost a month late}

Smiles ALL of the time.
FINALLY drinks from a bottle. {She didn't have much choice...Mommy had to go back to work.}
Sleeps through the night, compliments of a new thumb-sucking habit.
Rolls over....and over and over and over. Mostly from back to tummy, and sometimes the other way.
Has giggled a few times. Most of which has been while sitting in the lake, her new favorite place to be.
Follows with a very shaky head turn her brother and sister running around the house. They're hard to keep up with.
Thinks that anyone talking is talking to her, and will talk right back.
Drools ALL OVER THE PLACE. There's rarely a time when drool isn't falling from her mouth.
Has Jack's ears, Fin's nose, Aunt Kasey's bottom lip, and looks like her Grandpa Keith's baby pictures.
Weighs 12 pounds, which I think is huge and everyone else thinks is still peanut size.
Still has her red eyes and birthmarks, but they're fading fairly quickly.
Is getting a TINY bit of hair that can be successfully spiked in the bathtub. Color? Blond or reddish...TBD.

....and keeps getting cuter and cuter.
{at least that's what her Mommy thinks}

Monday, August 6, 2012


Jackson Pete turned six years old last week.
Every year I think that he sounds so old. I probably will for the rest of my life I'm guessing.

I love this little man and all he's brought to my life.
He continues to show me how to grow as a parent.
He has made me realize what it truly means to be patient and understanding to others.
He has taught me what it is to be a Mom.

I love that he is growing into such a lovely boy to be around.
I love that he is old enough to recognize his differences, and tries his best to be his best {most of the time}.
I love that he thinks he is now too old to tell me he loves me.
I loves that he made up a secret handshake that means I love you so he can tell me even in front of his friends.
I love that he is young enough to still kiss me goodnight.
I love the way he stands in front of the mirror getting his spiked hair "just right".
I love how much he loves his sisters.

I love how he rolls his eyes when I tell him I'm going to take his pictures on his birthday...
I love you, Jackson Pete.

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