Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have three comments for these pictures:

1. Today was spring cleaning day, and I had JUST organized all of the shoes.

2. Jack loves to UNorganize anything I just got to my liking.

3. I just may have too many shoes...especially since 2/3 of them are still in storage!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Depot Dude

The other day, Jack wanted an apron to be like a "Depot Dude"....

Apparently the only tool he could find was a sippy cup.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flick the Fish

After spending Saturday night at Grandma's house, Jacks came home with...A FISH. Not exactly what I had always dreamed of, but it really isn't as bad as I thought :) He LOVES him, and has actually stayed away for the most part, which was my biggest worry.
He named the fish Flick, which is actually pretty cute.  Now let's see how long we can keep him alive!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just a few weeks ago, during our visit to see Kara in Duluth, Kip passed the comment that Jacks doesn't like her. Well - let me say, he doesn't do well in big groups, and I'm pretty sure when we're all together that may qualify as a big group. Since Kara has pretty much been in college or super busy since Jack has been around, he hasn't spent a ton of time with her one-on-one.

On Sunday, Kara spent the night at our house so B could bring her to the airport early Monday morning. Jack immediately took Kara by the hand, and was stuck to her side the entire night. I think they both needed some alone time :)

I brought my camera with to the park, but Jack hardly even knew I was there...he was SO into having Kip do everything with him. It was so cute.

Jack is lucky to have each and every one of his aunts...they are all so great to and with him.
We hope you're having fun in Texas, Kip!!

Thank you, Craig's List

Brad and I have been a couple of Craig's List junkies for the past few weeks. I honestly have called it my part-time job. Although we haven't bought anything, we have sold a TON of stuff. An entertainment center, TV, Blue tooth headphones, jackets...anything we haven't used in a long time, or have replaced in the "condo upgrade".

A dining table was the next thing we needed to replace. Although I love the charm of my antique table my Grandpa re-did, it was time for it to go. (By go I mean store it at the farm with all of our other goodies we hope Kasey takes to college!) It had only 3 matching chairs, and one night Brad passed the comment "I can't wait to be able to cut my steak and not spill my drink". Ha. I even had the table in college, so maybe it was time to go.

We found a STEAL of a deal on this new table, and the best was paid for my our Craig's List stuff!! Funny note - the guy that loaded the table and chairs for us was the same guy that bought our old TV that same morning!

We love the new table. I know it looks too big in the picture, but the leaf is in it...that's right - we can fit MORE PEOPLE! YAY! We don't have it that big, but it even came with eight stools. Who knew one could get so excited over a new table? :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Fun and Daddy's Home!

So - last week was a crazy week. With Brad being gone, neither Jack nor I getting much sleep, and a neighbor from hell (LONG story) let's just say it was an interesting week for this house.

The exciting thing is we got to spend Friday - Sunday with the Newman kids. We had them over on Friday night - and played played played. Tate thought the kids should wear the nets as hats!

Saturday we went to the farm to play outside - but the weather was SO COLD we ended up running all over Grandma and Grandpa's house instead. They were leaving for Mexico this week, so we were glad they let us come stay, the kids always have so much fun there.

Sunday we came home late in the morning - and Brad was there to greet us! Jack was so excited to see him...and they celebrated by fighting over ice cream. I have to admit, I was glad he was home too, but I celebrated by taking a Loooooong nap! :)

On a side note - I realized when posting these pictures that Jack is once again without clothes in pictures. I hope this nudity phase ends soon....he even peed on the floor tonight. Let me just say that did not go over well. Ha. Ah, boys.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Like my Hat, Mom?

We are SLOWLY trying to introduce potty Jack got to pick out some new underwear the other night. By slowly...I mean VERY slowly, but we have to start somewhere. This morning I got out of the shower and Jack said "Like my hat, Mom?" This is what I found...

This kid never fails to crack me up.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun x 3

Today, Jacks and I picked Tate and Aves up for a morning at the park with us. It was so much fun. Jack likes it so much more when we bring them - it's way more fun to play with them than have me climbing after him!

I told them I was going to take a picture - and this is what they did, nice pose!

And in the jumperoo...they just SAW me pull out the camera, and here are the faces I got!

I love this picture. Even though it's blurry, you can see how much Jacks loves Tate. He just thinks he is the best, it's so funny to watch. Jacks and I get to have the kids over starting tomorrow afternoon until Sunday, we're pretty excited...and I'm sure more pictures to come :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Brad...

Brad is gone this week - he's in Seattle for work until late Saturday night.  We miss him already!

Tonight, Jacks and I decided we'd leave a message for Brad.  I told him when I pointed to him that he could start, so you can see him pointing back at me first...pretty funny.

We miss you, Daddy!

Laugh it out

Ever have one of these mornings??? Ha.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fwimmin' in Duwoof

This weekend the whole fam went to Duluth to visit Kip. We had so much fun, and all we did was swim swim swim...oh yeah, and laugh a ton too. Jessi kept making Jacks say what we were going to do, because it's so funny how he says fwimmin' instead of swimming. We had gotten Jacks a new life jacket, and he learned how to "swim" all by himself - he loved it so much.

Here are Aves and Jacks looking out the was SO COLD outside!

Sunday morning we went swimming again, and Jacks took a shower, sat on the bed and IMMEDIATELY fell asleep. He was so tuckered out. We had such a good time, but I told Kara next time we're coming when it's warm! :)

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