Monday, April 16, 2012

harlow jane

Well, here she is...our newest addition to our little fam.

Harlow Jane Hove
4.16.12  2:27am
7lb 5oz 19.5 inches long

We're all completely smitten with her.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 stitches

We had such a nice Easter weekend. Since baby is so close to making her appearance, we decided a long time ago not to go anywhere this year, and stick around home. When my family heard that, they all offered to come to our house instead, which was so awesome.
We started the weekend making brownies. Since the kids had a LITTLE too much fun licking the bowl {and whisk, and spoons, and everything in sight} they definitely weren't served to anyone else!

Easter Sunday...
The last holiday with just my two littles.

Making good use of her bubbles from the Easter Bunny.

And definitely the most eventful part of our day...
The kids begged all afternoon to get their scooters so they could ride down the hill by our house.
We have soccer fields in our back yard, and to get there...there's a pretty steep hill.
Jacks and our neighbor Quinn have certainly perfected the art of going down fast with a "Yee HAW!" and the Newman kids wanted to try, too.
Jess took the kiddos, and they were off.

Jess thought the kids were so funny, she requested my Mom come watch as well.
And of course, Grandma Sandy who is always the fun one, took the kids advice and took her turn down the hill.
{Let me preface...Jess told her NOT to, and I get my balance from my Mom...}
The next thing Jess knew, my Mom was on the ground.

A quick visit to the ER later, she had 7 stitches and a broken nose.
Yep, a broken nose.

She was SUCH a good sport, especially since my Grandma and I had the giggles pretty badly...
She even let us take a picture of the kids and their scooters to remember the day.

{Sorry, Mom - I didn't realize your eyes were shut}
She really is such a good sport. Able to laugh at herself, and even sent us pictures the next day of her newly blackened eyes.
Youch.  Just remember kiddos, your Grandma does just about anything to stay fun! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

when mommy's away...

This past weekend, my Mom had her annual "hunting" weekend with us girls.
Since my Dad goes hunting every year, my Mom tries to get all of the girls together for a weekend, too.
A weekend of shopping, eating, and more laughing than should be physically possible.
To quote Kasey on Facebook:
"GIRLS WEEKEND!!!! My mom says this is her version of my dad's hunting trip... Pretty sure the only thing I'll be hunting down is the hot tub."

And it was perfectly perfect. Minus the fact that I felt like my legs were going to fall off after walking so much on Saturday. Just a bummer it didn't make baby Hove want to join us a little early.

So, while I was away, I got pictures text to me as to what my kiddos and adorable hubby were up to.
Apparently sitting around the house was NOT one of the things they were going to do.

First up, Breakfast.
B LOVES to make breakfast. And apparently with a turned back, Fin decided to help herself to her own syrup.
Holy Hannah. I'm not sad I wasn't there for the floor that needed to be scrubbed after this meal.

Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.
When Brad asked what they should do for lunch Fin quickly replied "B-Dubs would be fun!!" Ha, a girl after her daddy's heart.

{Nice smile, Pete...}

And a trip to the zoo.  See? No sitting around for these guys.

And last but not least...
Ice cream all over her face, sunglasses, and her big brother.
I'm pretty sure Fin was in heaven.
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