Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicago or Yoga???

Last night, Jack asked a simple question...
"Mom - do you think they have Lightning McQueen Chicago mats?"
Now - let me explain why this is funny. He calls yoga Chicago. Apparently the only time I'm gone I'm either in Chicago or at yoga, so the two are interchangeable.
So - he was simply asking for his own yoga mat, fit for a little prince with Lightning McQueen on it. Not such a hard request, but my answer (after the giggle) was of course no.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fire Truck!

On Saturday morning, we took Jacks to see the Shakopee fire truck and police cars. He was in awe of how big the ladder was!

It was tough convincing him to get out of the truck, but he got to drive a police car right after, so he was pumped. (I was too nervous to get my hands on the camera when he was in the police car...I thought he was going to push a wrong button!!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Going on a Toad Hunt....

One thing we've discovered since moving into our new house is the amount of toads that come along with a pond! Jacks loves that almost every night at dusk, Brad sings "We're going on a toad hunt..." and away they go. Today they decided they needed nets to help them, and they had a blast.

Although he's a big talker, Jacks NEVER touches the toads. I was so glad I had my camera the first time he actually touched one! It didn't last long, and he had to beg B to catch it again, but it still qualifies.

Yes, Jacks....he's actually in there!

It's 8:58, and B is already putting Jacks down for bed...for those of you that know us, this is early! (But I'm not crossing my fingers...)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Attractive

This is pretty much the only way I can describe how my fingers have felt the last couple of days.
Yep - sausage fingers. I can still get my ring on and off at different points during the day, but I'm thinking my "ring-wearing" days may be over soon..... Maybe the 60 degree weather next week will help!

Monday, September 14, 2009

30 Weeks and a Sneak Peek!

At my last doctor visit, we found out I have a bit of a liver issue with my pregnancy. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing, so I'm not too terribly worried. I'll find out more next week at my next appointment. The best part about it - I got to see our baby again!
As you can see from the picture below, this little one looks EXACTLY like Brad. It was hard to get a great picture because he/she was moving SO MUCH (typical of a Hove baby) but we got this one.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Apple Pie

Grandpa Merle and Gigi have a huge supply of apples from their tree this year, so I was determined to use them to make my first apple pie. Well, Brad got impatient, and decided of course to do it himself instead... and of course Jacks couldn't resist being a VERY helpful hand.

I don't think that's what they mean by rolling the dough, Jacks...

And yes - that kid is still wearing a diaper. We're working on it...I swear. I've never said I didn't have a stubborn little man on my hands!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cuddle Time

A sight like this is definitely few and far between...

Is there anything better than your little guy WANTING to cuddle with you? No, even if it is to prolong bedtime.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phil and Britt's Reception

Sunday night we were off to my friend Phil and his wife Brittney's reception. They were married a month ago in Mexico, so it was fun to be able to celebrate with them. We had so much fun with my old "Applebuddies"!

And SOOO fun to see little honey!
Phil thought this was appropriate since he swears his belly can compete with, NO!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 Weeks

29 Weeks and thought it was fitting to have the corn field behind me since that's all we'll be eating this week after stealing a ton from the farm! (and by stealing, I mean my Dad told us which field was ready for us to steal from...)

I've been feeling pretty great for the past few weeks. I had a bit of the flu for a couple of days last week which totally took me out. I called the nurse line and since pregnant women have such a high risk of getting H1N1, I had to go in for testing, but all was good...just a virus. I was glad to be done with that!

I've been getting a bit more tired again, but hey - that's what the third trimester is all about, right? He/she does somersaults in my stomach, and can be visibly seen from across the room, but it is so fun to feel. Brad and I are just getting so excited to meet our little babe! And yes, I realize there's still a long way to go. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday on the Farm

This year for Beckett's birthday, Jess - party extraordinaire - had the party at the farm for a full-on farm themed birthday party. It was SO MUCH FUN. The kids all love the farm, and Jack constantly asks when the next time is we can go out there - but Beckett takes it over the top with his loves of tractors...hence, the theme.

The day started off with a fun hayride.

Hoe-down, girlies.

I love this, Jacks and Grandpa waving at each other.
And I couldn't NOT put this one up... Gigi needed a bit of help getting off of the trailer, and this is how my Dad decided to get her down. I wish I only got a picture of the big slug she gave him when she was finally back on her feet!

Happy Birthday, Becker Boo!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Weekend

We had quite the busy weekend. Two baby showers, Miya's birthday party, dinners, and people staying at our was great. We had such a great time, we only wish we could all get together more often! Here are some pictures from the weekend...

The boys - aren't we lucky they all get along so well? Sometimes too well....?

We made a quick stop to visit Baby Donovan...Jack loved him up as usual.
And after Miya's party, it was off to dinner...

And an intense game of Catch Phrase. I think my baby thought it was in labor from all of the belly hurt so badly the next day!

Apparently sunglasses are a must?

Probably the funniest person I've ever seen play...Alyssa had us busting a gut! The girl can NOT play without making it a game of charades...
I wish weekends like these never had to end, but I was ready for some sleep that's for sure!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Miss Miya's First Birthday

I can't believe Miya is a year old already. Her birthday party was SO CUTE! The bright colors, the decorations, everything...Melissa did a great job making it adorable!

I mean, come on...who can resist a cute little tush like this?!?

Happy Birthday, Miss Miya!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So - let me start by saying I have the best girlfriends in the world. THE.VERY.BEST.

The weeks leading up to this weekend I was busy planning Darcy's baby shower. Well, to my surprise, the girls were doing the same for me. It's kind of disturbing how little I knew about what was going on for Saturday morning, but they threw me the cutest little baby shower. Now, I know, no one needs a shower for the second baby...and I had told them that. Since many of my friends weren't able to come to my shower for Jacks, so they planned one this time around. And when I say I was clueless - I was CLUELESS!

Carissa snapped this picture of me walking in the door, I thought it was weird they were all sitting in a circle, but until I saw my banner, I had no idea what was going on. Thank GOD she didn't take a picture of me totally losing my marbles, and having to run to the bathroom to compose myself before coming back out. Seriously - SHOCKED.

I LOVE my banner. My sister was obviously in on the secret, but I love what she did for the colors. Since Brad and I haven't decided if this will be our last babe or not, she said she HAD to add pink into it, even though we don't know what we're having. And since I was wearing pink that day, the girls say it's all good vibes :) One can only hope, right?

**Side bar - if it's a boy, I will be thrilled...I promise!

Jacks and Brad came by later...even my little man matched the decor!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Darcy's Baby Shower

I know I've mentioned my friend Darcy before, and I swear we had been planning this shower for ages. We were so excited that Darc is pregnant with her first baby, and were so excited that our girlfriends could all be here for her shower.

Here she is... 20 weeks pregnant with Baby Hempel.

We had a "Bedtime for Baby" shower for her. Since they didn't find out the sex of the baby, we planned the shower around her bedding, which is adorable in sage and brown. I have more of the decorations below.

When I was 16 weeks pregnant, Darcy was only about 9 weeks along. Looking at my belly she said "I'll be lucky if I look like that in September". I was mortified, but she was right...she's such a cute preggers...I don't know how some people can be that way!! It has been so much fun to go through this pregnancy with Darc. We see each other at least weekly, so it's been so fun to see her belly grow and compare stories this time around. I swear sometimes I know more about her pregnancy than I pay attention to my own! It's amazing what having a 3-year-old does to being able to pay attention :)
Here are all of the girls at the shower. Marissa thought it was fitting to put a picture of the babe in there...can you spot it?

I had everyone bring a book, and as everyone arrived, we used the books for the centerpieces. It turned out pretty cute.

OK, ladies....who's next??? These are too fun to have!!
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