Saturday, September 22, 2012

harlow 5 months

Harlow Jane, 5 months old
She's such a sweet baby. After lots of getting used to Mommy being at work, she has finally gotten over it.
She's so sweet, very smiley, and is so content.
She is sitting up by herself, and insistent upon learning to scoot and crawl.
She only weighs 13 pounds, still a tiny little peanut.
After 2 months of sleeping soundly through the night, she decided she likes to have some Mommy time in the middle of the night again. {sigh} Hopefully it's just a growth spurt.
She sits in her high chair during dinner, but hasn't started solids yet.
She goes down for bed wide awake, and still sucks her thumb...but due to her new found freedom of movement, it takes a loooooooong time for her to actually fall asleep. It's much more fun to crawl all over the crib.

Her new tricks:


Still her favorite...sucking on toes.

And showing off her dimples.
Oh yeah, and of course...constantly covered with drool.
That's my girl.

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